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    Telephone: 702-410-5455Fax: 702-410-5504

    Instructions to Applicant:
    All information in this Application must be PRINTED in a clear and legible manner. One Application must be filled out ENTIRELY and COMPLETELY by each intended tenant. Each Applicant must show satisfactory identification to owner/manager at the time this application is submitted for processing.

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    Mobile/Cell Phone: Home Phone: Email Address, Applicant:

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    Has any civil judgements been entered against you for the collection of debt in the past 10 years?

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    It is understood that this Application is not a Rental Agreement/Lease and that Applicant has no rights to said property until a Lease Agreement is duly executed after the approval of this Application.

    A non-refundable processing fee of $ 100.00 to process this Application and the security deposit shall be 2 months base rent or $1,500.00 whichever is greater. (Please verify security deposit amount with Leasing team) as earnest money will be given by Applicant to the owner/manager when this Application is turned in for processing.

    *PLEASE NOTE: The Security Deposit is non- refundable within 72 hours of receipt of deposit.

    Applicant represents all information in this Application to be true and accurate. Applicant hereby authorizes owner/manager and his/her/its employees and agents to verify said information and make independent investigations in person, by mail, phone, fax, or otherwise, to determine Applicant's rental, credit, financial and character standing. Applicant hereby releases owner/manager, his/her/its employees and agents and any and all other firms or persons investigating or supplying information, from any liability whatsoever concerning the release and/or use of said information and further, will defend and hold them all harmless from any suit or reprisal whatsoever. All holders, public and private, of any such information are hereby authorized to release, without reservation or limitation, any and all such information they have concerning Applicant and in so doing, will be acting on Applicant's behalf at Applicant's request and will be held blameless and without any liability whatsoever. A copy, fax, or other reproduction of this Authorization shall be as effective as the original.

    NOTE: Processing Fee’s and Security deposits are to be CASHIER’S CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY. NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS are accepted. After moving in, rent may be paid through Commercial Café tenant online portal.

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